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I Was Born There, i Was Born Here

€ 12,40
Uitgegeven bij Bloomsbury

isbn : 9781408822470

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In 2000 Mourid Barghouti published I Saw Ramallah, the acclaimed memoirthat told of returning in 1996 to his Palestinian home for the first time sinceexile following the Six-Day War in 1967.I WasBorn There, I Was Born Here takes up the story in1998 when Barghouti returned to the Occupied Territories to introduce hisCairo-born son, Tamim, to his Palestinian family. Ironically, a few years laterTamim had himself been arrested for taking part in a demonstration against theimpending Iraq War. He was held in the very same Cairo prison from which hisfather had been expelled from Egypt to begin a second exile in Budapest whenTamim was only a few months old. Ranging freely back and forth in timebetween the 1990s and the present day, Barghouti weaves into his account ofexile poignant evocations of Palestinian history and daily life - the pleasureof coffee arriving at just the right moment, the challenge of a car journeythrough the Occupied Territories, the meaning of home and the importance ofbeing able to say, standing in a small village in Palestine, ‘I was born here',rather than saying from exile, ‘I was born there'. Full of life and humour in the face of aculture of death, I Was Born There, I WasBorn Here is destined, like its predecessor, to become a classic.

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