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Alienation and Freedom

€ 26,95
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Pagina's : 816

isbn : 9781474250214

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Since the publication of The Wretched of the Earth in 1961, Fanon's work has been deeply significant for successive generations of intellectuals--for anti-colonial and civil rights activists in the 60s and 70s, for those working in postcolonial studies from the 80s to the present day, and currently for specialists of French and North African history, of colonial psychiatry, and for all those who work with conflicts of identity in postcolonial societies.

Frantz Fanon is regarded as a foundational thinker of Postcolonial Studies, bringing together the analysis of colonialism from an objective, historical perspective and an interrogation of its subjective effects on colonizer and colonized alike. This book furthers his powerful intervention into how we think about identity, race and activism and provides a unique insight into Fanon's literary works and psychiatric, philosophical and historical theories.

Never before published in English, Alienation and Freedom represents a rare opportunity to read the unknown writings, most of which were never published before, of a major 20th-century philosopher whose disruptive and moving work continue to shape how we look at the world.

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Door (auteur) :Frantz Fanon
Taal : Engels
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