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De Groene Waterman. Een huis voor boeken, cultuur en ontmoeting


Walking Palestine

€ 22,60

isbn : 9781908493613

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With the images of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so dominant in our minds, walking for leisure is the one activity probably least associated with the West Bank region. But Walking Palestine wanders well off the beaten track of Palestine as only a synonym for occupation and strife, exploring its inspiring natural and cultural landscape, its intriguing past and present, and the hospitality of its people.
The book takes first-time walkers and experienced hikers, as well as armchair explorers, through Palestine''s steep desert gorges, along its tiny herders'' trails and over its quiet dirt roads running past silver green olive groves. With side stories and anecdotes on heritage, history, culture and daily life in the West Bank, the book ventures into the traits and character of Palestine today. Beyond the 250 km of walking trails described and mapped in detail throughout the book,Walking Palestine offers a wealth of practical walking tips, including references to local guides, the West Bank''s best leisure spots and countryside restaurants, and the most charming places to spend the night.

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Door (auteur) :Szepesi Stefan
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